General web directories are the most common type of directories that are familiar by the webmasters. There are thousands of general web directories on the internet. General web directories refer to directories that have accept all kinds of websites for inclusion. It has a large variety of categories so that you will always find a category to submit your directory.

There are a lot of general web directories that have a high pagerank and receive a large volume of traffic. Normally, directories with a high pagerank have strict submission rules and harder to get listed in . For example, the IPL web directory only accept submission through email. Dmoz is the most famous general web directories on the internet. Every day, thousands of webmasters submit their sites to Dmoz. It is hard to get listed in Dmoz because of the strict submission rule. The editors that work on Dmoz are volunteer so it takes a long time to wait for your site to be reviewed and approved.

Niche directories are directories that accept submission of website of a certain niche. There are many kinds of niche directories including business, shopping and etc. If you submit other types of websites, it won't be accepted. The backlinks from niche directories are more valuable than those listed in the general directories. This is because the backlinks in the niche directories are relevant to the niche of your website. The more relevant the site that links to you, the higher the quality of the backlink will be. It is easy to find niche directories to submit your site.

To find a niche directory, you simply enter the keyword "niche keyword + niche directories" into the search engine. For example, if you own a business directory, you can enter the keyword "business niche directories" or "list of business niche directories" in the search engine. Many directory websites maintain a list of niche directories. Examples of directory websites that offer niche directories list include

Before submitting to the directories, you should read the submission guidelines. Most of the directories have a page that dealt with the submission guidelines. The submission guidelines will inform you about the dos and don'ts when submitting your site to the directory. The site that you submit must be family friendly. It should not promote illegal material such as adult, or hatred contain. Mirror sites will never be approved by the directory. You should only submit your site to once. Submitting your site too many times will cause the moderator to delete it from the database. Sometimes, you will forget that you submit to a directory and resubmit again.

To prevent resubmitting your website, you can compile a list of directories by using Microsoft Excel. Whenever you successfully submitted to a site, you can make a mark beside it, for example highlighting it. In this way, you will know which directory you have submitted to. The description should consist of sentences that are written in good grammar. The description should briefly describe the site in 2 - 5 sentences. It should not contain too many words. The description is mend to be short so that the visitor can quickly skim through it. If the description is too long, it will be difficult for the visitors to read it.

Mascar Rooney is the author of this article on directory submission
Mascar Rooney is the author of this article on Manual directory Submission Service

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Mascar Rooney is the author of this article on directory submission.

Mascar Rooney is the author of this article on Manual directory Submission Service.